New Holy Smokes Strains


New Strains from Holy Smoke Seeds

Holy Smoke breeder Nick has lifelong experience with landrace cannabis seed genetics and Holy Smoke have been flying the South African flag in Europe for many years now, honing their technique, culminating in super-strains which have been blowing up on the underground scene! Holy Smoke Seeds offer both regular marijuana seeds and female marijuana seeds from a very select pool of genetics and now they have released 2 brand new strains, adding to their carefully selected catalogue and these are soon to be arriving at the Attitude Seedbank.

The first new strain is Chem Toffees – a beautiful heavy indica sedative infused with dark choc, coffee caramel and butterscotch terpenes. The mother is a huge Acapulco Gold which is so sticky even chopping her up can be a challenge and keeping your eyes open is almost impossible. With the addition of Stone Mountain and Bubba she turns up the CBD and settles into the most sought-after heavy hitter.  Chem Toffees provides the most peaceful and blissful buzz allowing deep relaxation and a beautiful grasp of understanding as it pulses through you in deep rhythmic drifts. It’s a perfectly aligned hybrid, it’s instant and strong heavy and medicinal meditative and insightful.

Holy Smoke Chem Toffees

Holy Smoke Chem Toffees

The second new release is Kong Ox. Not much can match this Kong x OX strain for its raging and intense high – an immense buzz that literally roars around your body. Kong Ox blends faultlessly with the sedative effects of Bubba Kush and Stone Mountain which bring her back onto the tracks with a massive wallop of CBD that is rich in terpenes. The indica effect is comparative to a big warm hug as she comforts and supports pain relief whilst relaxing the muscles. She is still very, very strong but far more approachable with the calming effects taking the edge off, turning her into a true connoisseur delight. Such a wide stone is hard to find, she hits the button every time with her saturation leaving you with a huge smile and sleepy eyes. You’ll want to keep it around for ever, she’s sure to become a very sought after and legendary strain.

Holy Smoke Kong Ox

Holy Smoke Kong Ox

You can purchase Holy Smoke Seeds HERE

Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws in the UK may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold by The Attitude Seedbank may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES.

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