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House of funk Obsidian ice, Frost Hammer, Backfire Now in stock the attitude seed bank

Set your minds back to September, it was an unseasonably hot day here in England; I told you that we’d be soon receiving some new strains from House of Funk. Remember? Well now, you can’t say we lie to you because guess what just came through the doors here at The Attitude, new strains! Obsidian Ice, Frost Hammer and Backfire cannabis seeds are now in and ready to order.

Obsidian Ice and Frost Hammer are two powerful offerings with their own unique tendencies. Obsidian Ice is an offensively odorous plant, which provides the most obliterating narcotics affect which House of Funk Offer. Frost Hammer is as its name suggests – a hammer blow to the body and the mind whilst being one of the fastest and most vigorous growing phonotypes from the Chemdawg family. The Backfire is less aggressive strain and regarded by House of Funk as one of their staples. This doesn’t mean it’s a lesser sample, oh no – it provides a lemon/black licorice fuel flavor with a lime aroma with an intense and heady body tingling high.

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