Rare Dankness | 2014 Collection


Rare Dankness | 2014 Collection

Rare Dankness is one of our most popular brands at The Attitude Seedbank. Rare Dankness already have made huge leaps within the cannabis industry for the past couple of years it so nice to see the hard work paying off with award winning genetics being readily available to you first through The Attitude Seedbank.

We still have one Golden Ticket to be claimed in random packs of Rare Dankness, so you may be in a chance to win some awesome prizes from purchasing any packs of Rare Dankness from The Attitude Seedbank 2014.

For more information on Rare Dankness Golden Ticket giveaway, please follow this link.


New strains being released very soon

Rare Dankness – Grape Ox


Grape Ape x OX
Tons of purple.
Grapes and blueberries smells/flavors. High THC medicinal plant.
Indica. Smallish plants.
60-65 days.


Rare Dankness – Ghost of Lee Roy


Ghost OG x Lee Roy
Lemon Cotton Candy flavored buds , with stronger/sturdier branching.  High calyx to leaf ratio.
Ind/sat hybrid
60-65 days


Rare Dankness – CornBread


Katsu Bubba Kush x RD #2
Sweet lemons and incense.
Indica dom. Purple hues.
Big yielder
60-65 Days

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PLEASE READ We sell our seeds for souvenir purposes only and for storage in-case the laws change. We at ‘The Attitude’ are here to help, but we have our restrictions. We can not, and will not discuss germination/yields/THC levels (etc.) of seeds, as it is ILLEGAL to germinate seeds in the United Kingdom and we cannot be seen to be promoting this. Unfortunately, E-mails may be ignored and remain unanswered if questions relate to the above and you may be refused a sale should you persist in requesting further information

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