Rest in Peace Franco, The Strain Hunter…


Very sad times as a good heart stopped beating. Franco Loja from Green House Seed Company , known to most of us as a Strain Hunter sadly passed away on 2nd of January. He was attacked by Cerebral Malaria on his last trip to Africa, where he went to help the locals develop medicinal oil for that horrible desease specifically.

This heartbreaking news has put the entire cannabis community in tears. We lost a true legend, a pioneer and a friend.

We will forever be greateful for his immeasurable contribution to this industry and incredible energy. His work and passion for the cannabis plant had an impact on the world’s view on marijuana and his legacy will live on for many generations to come. He is an Icon and a huge inspiration to so many of us. He will be deeply missed, but never forgotten.

Our sincere condolences go out to his family and the whole Green House crew.

We put together a short video in memory of Franco.  We encourage you all to take a little time out of your day and pay a tribute to his life. Either by sharing this video (or any other one of him that you like)  by collecting his strains or simply lighting one up.

Rest in Peace Franco <3

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