Santas Favourite Cookies

Christmas Cookies!!!

Earlier on we posted this meme of Santa confirming his favourite types of cookies were those from Colorado and Washington State…

We thought it was so good we have compiled a list of all the cookies we think Santa may like this year!


Apothecary® Genetics Cookies OG

A cross of OG MALE X GIRL SCOUT COOKIES genetics that produce a very upbeat and happy feeling and taste a bit like a bowl of grapes!


Cookies Kush Feminized Cannabis Seeds by Barneys Farm
Any strain with the genetics Girl Scout Cookies x Rolex OG Kush is bound to be a winner and it is… A Cannabis Cup Winner! With a powerful mint-chocolate smell, this cannabis plant has Over 1% of CBD and 22% THC.

BC Bud Depot Girl Scout Cookies

When 2 full boxes of Girl Scout Cookies cannabis seeds arrived in British Columbia, BC Bud Depot knew what to do. The clone was fast becoming  a legend – a potent mix of an OG Kush x Durban Poison x Cherry Kush mother backcrossed with a prime-looking OG Kush father created possibly one of the best Northern California marijuana strains of all time.

BC Bud Depot Seeds Animal Cookies

The BCBD cut of Girl Scout Cookies won a High Times Medical Cannabis Cup and then immediately started working to improve it Girl Scout Cookies and now they can no longer keep this animal caged! BCBD is proud to present you with the cannabis cup winner Animal Cookies!!!


BlimBurn Seeds Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies have earned the popularity by winning multiple Cannabis Cups (for flavour, smoke and the outstanding cerebral and physical stone). Its beautiful aroma of rich sweet earthy and minty tones is coming out of big bright green, purple or fiery orange buds.


Larry’s Lemon Cookies Regular Cannabis seeds by CannaVenture Seeds
Larry’s Lemon Cookies has been obtained by blending Electric Larry Land with GSC hybrid. The result of this cross is an Indica dominant plant that can be grown indoors as well as outdoors.


Girl Scout Haze Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds – Connoisseur Genetics

The result of the SSSDH and GSC cut is this heavy dominant cookie flavour with a pleasant touch of lemon/pine from the SSSDH. GSHC Very potent strain causing an uplifting and energetic effect, inspiring and motivating.


Lem Chem Cookies Marijuana Seeds – Connoisseur Genetics Seeds Seed Bank

Obtained by combining a super yielding Lem Chem with the producer of rock hard nugs – Girl Scout Cookies.The majority of phenos will naturally turn purple without the temperature drop.


New York Haze Cookies Seeds – Connoisseur Genetics Regular Seeds

New York Haze Cookies is a beautifully mixed hybrid of flavours and highs. In order to obtain it, the tasty kushy hybrid New York Cookie Cut (New York Jones x Girl Scout Cookies) was blended with the very hazy AG13 Cookie Male (AG13 haze dominant).



North London Church Cookies Marijuana Seeds – Connoisseur Genetics Seed Bank

North London Church Cookies is another full of flavour GSC hybrid obtainted by crossing London cut, the Church with the reversed Girl Scout Cookies cut. The outcome is tight nugs of Indica with a very special taste and aroma.


Dutch Passion Autoflowering Fem Seeds – AutoColorado Cookies

Auto Colorado Cookies is the strongest Indica dominant hybrid out of the Dutch Passion Seeds collection. This variety combines the best properties – delicous fruity flavour, extreme potency and massive yields.


Fast Buds Seeds Girl Scout Cookies Automatic Cannabis Seeds

This top-notch quality marijuana variety is undoubtedly the best Californian strain of all time. This beauty has gained plenty of fans throughout the United States West Coast, and is going strong in Europe, Eastern Europe and Asia. Fast Buds has succeed in recreating an auto flower that does the original GSC justice.


Haute Genetique Raspberry Cookies Regular Marijuana Seeds

 Raspberry Cookies is the resulted variety from blending together Epik Cookies with Pink Champagne. Created hybrid has truly cookie structure, an amazing deep purple hues and pungent smell.


Chemical Cookies – Johnston’s Genetics Cannabis Seeds

Chemical Cookies is a cross between Grandma’s Sugar Cookies male and Chem Dawg x White Fire mother. Frosty light green, almost white flowers grow in dense, flavourful nugs. Chemical Cookies produces heavy frost and a unique flavour of sweet Chem Dawg.


Diamond Cookies Seeds – Moxie Seed Bank

 The Blue Diamond is an unreleased strain from MOXIE’s stable. It was acquire in the SF Valley in Los Angeles and has remained in nearly every garden it has graced thanks to its heavy yield. This vigour added to the Forum Cookies makes for one of the biggest producers of MOXIE’s Cookie line. Suited for experienced growers.


Krypto Cookies Marijuana Seeds – Moxie Seed Bank

 Krypto Cookies remains the truest to original form of the Forum Cut Cookies, but adds a whole new dimension of flavour. A fusion of the bitter citrus flavours of Kryptonite with the coffee-like scent of the Cookie. The buds are similar to Cookies with small purple nugs that are very dense. Expect medium yields for expert growers.


Royal Queen Seeds Royal Cookies Feminized Cannabis Seeds 

 Hybrid created by crossing top Californian cookies strains – Cookies Forum is very potent, strong and beautifly looking. This variety is a real treat with its sweet, earthy and tantalizing aroma and taste. The effect is powerful cerebral high combined with deep body relaxation. Royal Cookies is not overwhelming so it’s perfect for people new to cannabis seeds world.


The Bulldog Seeds Girl Scout Cookies XTRM Cannabis Seeds 

Girl Scout Cookies XTRM got created by blending together Girl Scout Cookies with F3 selected White Widow XTRM. Resulted variety is a combination of the best characteristics of both of the parents. This Indica domianant variety has dense buds filled with sweet aroma and flavour with some earthy undertones. The effect of full body relaxation and euphoric stone lead her to winning some award at Cannabis Cup.



Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws in the UK may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold by The Attitude Seedbank may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so.

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