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We are completely excited to announce that we are now accepting the SEQR app as payment method. What is SEQR app I hear you ask…Well here is the lowdown on this fantastic, user friendly new payment system which gives you up to 3% back when you make purchases using the app!!!

Founded in 2001, SEQR is Sweden and Europe’s most popular mobile wallet and is used by over 30 million contactless card terminals. SEQR and can be used in both stores and online and anybody with a smartphone can pay for their goods and services in stores, at restaurants, parking lots and online. It is a safe and secure way to pay and the only thing the user needs is the SEQR app to scan a QR code or tap on the contactless payment terminal.

Users can also use this award winning app to transfer money at no charge, store receipts digitally and receive offers and promotions.

SEQR is completely free and the only snag is that you have to be over 18 to use it. It is hassle free so you do not have to add money to an account before you use it – it is withdrawn directly from your bank account via Direct Debit. You can see how much you have spent by checking the ‘receipts’ in the app. The maximum payment that can be made for the first 3 purchases is £50. After you used it 3 times, that limit will no longer apply and you will be able to pay using the app for your large orders with us :)


Pay with SEQR and get up to 3% back on everything you buy. It doesn’t matter whether you’re paying contactless, using QR codes or ordering products via Shop on the Spot – you always get up to 3% back.


1-11 purchases give 1% back

12-19 purchase give 2% back

20 purchase or more give 3% back

Cashbackwill automatically count for every time you purchase something. The cashback will be on top of all the other discounts and you will get money back every quarter, wherever you shop. If you make 1-11 purchases in a month you will receive 1% of the total of those transactions in cashback. 12-19 transactions earns you 2% cashback and 20 transactions and more earns you  3% cashback. The transactions are calculated on a monthly basis and refunded quarterly. The minimum cashback amount is £1.


Countries who can order with us using SEQR

Although the app is available worldwide we can only accept payment for our products from the following countries to start with, but in the future we are hoping to be able to allow the rest of the countries of the world:
















What does my phone need to be able to pay with SEQR / SECURITY

  • A camera with autofocus
  • Touch screen
  • Network connection
  • Android, iOS or WPS operative system
  • The lowest version of SEQR required is 4.5.5.

The phone / tablet has to support NFC and HCE and cannot be rooted or have any other insecure programs installed. This is because the safety of the app cannot be guaranteed if such programs are installed. All communication is secured via an encrypted connection to the transaction system, and your approval with your personal PIN code whenever making a payment. The downloaded app with a registered account is tied to the specific mobile phone, for example it cannot be cloned and used on another phone. Don’t worry if you lose your phone as without access to your PIN it is impossible for someone else to use your SEQR account. If you download SEQR to a new phone the account will be blocked on your old phone. If you do not want to download SEQR for a while (if you are waiting for a new phone for example) you can contact Customer Service so that they can block your account. If you get a new phone you will have to register again on the new device. Upon doing this you will get the option to restore your SEQR account. Your bank details will never be stored.

How do I pay?

To use SEQR with us, you will need to scan a QR barcode. If you make an order on your Android, iOS or WPS device you can click on the checkout and the SEQR payment app will automatically open. If you place the order on a computer you can use your QR barcode scanner to pay by simply scanning the code, confirming the amount in your SEQR app and entering your pin. The QR barcodes look a bit like this:

Step By Step Payment:

If you already have the app installed all you have to do when shopping with us is:

  1. Add the items to the cart
  2. When you have finished shopping, click the barcode link that states instant checkout.
  3. Enter your PIN code in the SEQR app and your transaction is complete. Use the same steps to order on the computer but you will need to scan the QR code on the screen instead, usuing your mobile device.




What PIN code should I enter?

The PIN code you are asked to enter when registering is a PIN code specific for SEQR. You will need this PIN code to approve your transactions, so make sure to pick one that you will remember!

What format should I enter my date of birth in the app?

4 digit Year DASH 2 digit month DASH 2 digit day. For example: 1999-12-12.

I didn’t receive any activation code by SMS?

Make sure that your mobile number is entered correctly, starting with the (+) and country code, followed by your 10 digit phone number. If the problem persists, please contact Customer Service.

How do I know my SEQR account is active?

After completing the registration process and verifying your identity by scanning your driving license, ID, or passport you will see your account with an available balance. If you don’t see an available balance, this means your identity could not be confirmed. This can happen if the scan of your ID encountered any glare or distortion. To resolve this, you should re-scan your ID within the SEQR app.

You can easily complete by following these steps:

  • Open the SEQR app and click ”My bank account”
  • Next click on the (i) to the right of ”My bank account”
  • Next click the ‘Verify your identity’ button. (If this button is not visible, you have already completed the verification)
  • You can authenticate your identity card, driving license or travel passport. Select your preference.
  • Take a picture of both the front and the rear. The camera automatically opens when clicking on ‘Front’ or ‘Back’.  Upon completing the scan make sure that the picture is sharp and easy to read.


I cannot find SEQR in the app store?

Make sure that you have the right regional settings on your device. If your device is set to another region you might not be able to download the app.

How do I add my bank account?

To add your account, go to “Accounts” in the SEQR app, press “Add account” and continue. Choose your bank and then enter your internet banking credentials. Don’t worry, SEQR does not see or store your bank credentials, this simply allows us to collect the information required to set up a SEQR Direct Debit.

Once you have entered your credentials, you get to choose which bank account you want to use as your SEQR payment account. You should only select a current account, savings or credit card accounts are not supported.

Confirm your details and enter your PIN code.

You have now successfully connected your bank account to SEQR via Direct Debit!

My bank is not on the list?

We currently only support the banks listed. We add more banks all the time though so check to see if your bank is supported.

What if I forget my PIN code?

For security reasons, if you lose your PIN code, you can’t get a new one. You will have to deregister and register again to choose a new PIN code. Our Customer Service team will be able to help you restore your account.





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