Serious Seeds AK-47 Feminized

Serious Seeds AK-47 The Attitude Seed BankGreat news as it seems that one of your favorite strains is back in once again at The Attitude Seed Bank. The fast moving Serious Seeds AK-47 Feminized is back in stock and ready for you to order.

The AK-47 is know as the “one hit wonder”, not because it fails to deliver, but because all it needs is one shot. The extremely strong odor and smoke AK-47 provides and the ease of growth is what makes it one of the most popular strains in world.

Serious Seeds AK-47 will be a hot seller here at The Attitude; so don’t miss out get your order in now!

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Serious Seeds AK-47 The Attitude Seed Bank

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Feminized cannabis seeds have greatly improved in recent years.

The early versions of feminised seeds had a significant chance to grow into hermaphrodite plants – more than that of regular seeds.

These days, well-produced feminized cannabis seeds have only a small possibility of producing hermaphrodite plants when grown in good conditions – the same as regular cannabis seeds.

This site has an excellent selection of feminised cannabis seeds:

should of had pics of the shirts we are voting for

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