Attitude Summer Promotion 2015

summer attitude seedbank promotion

Attitude Seedbank Promotion – Summer is here!

Welcome the summer season with us! The best and the most beautiful months of the year are just ahead of us. The days get longer and the weather gets warmer, even here in Great Britain where normally the rain just does not stop pouring!

We have just moved to a lot nicer offices and are finally getting back on track with processing the orders- Life is good again!

We would like to take a time to thank our loyal customers who sticked with us throughout the difficult times and apologise for not being very active with our promos for the past few months. This is soon about to improve! :)

We are more than happy to announce our upcoming giveaway which in our opinion is simply AWESOME!

We have selected 6 incredible strains from 6 top seed companies in the industry. There are some fantastic pre-releases available exclusively to us and only for this promo, some recently launched phenomenons and the old time champions.

If you place an over £40 order with us between Wednesday 27th of May 9am UK Time and Saturday 30th of May 9 am UK Time you will get this set of awesomeness:

1 x FEM Tangie by Reserva Privada – Probably the most awarded cannabis strain in the history. Originally created by Crockett and released with a help of DNA Genetics crew

1 x FEM Cheesy Headband by Emerald Triangle Seeds   latest creation by ET team. You simply cannot go wrong with crossing Headband and Cheese!

1 x FEM Opium by Paradise Seeds    one of the Paradise’s Seeds classics and the silver medalist of the HighTimes Cannabis Cup 2006 in Bio category

1 x FEM Purple Afghan Kush by Dinafem  NEW and yet unreleased variety brought into existance by crossing those 2 very popular genetics- Pre’98 Bubba Kush and Purple Kush

2 x REG Afternoon Delight by Crockett Family -  Banana x Shrom and Tangie – 3 amazing varieties combined into one. Available EXCLUSIVELY during this promotion at The Attitude.

1 x FEM Lemon Garlic by Humboldt Seeds Organization    One of the new additions to HSO range. Incredibly unique pheno selected from the first round of Southern Humboldt OG by California Kind.

These are all on the top of the usual Unbelievable Free Offer you will also qualify for and of course as always there will be a long list of other promotions which will run alongside the main giveaway so look out for the info on social media and the newsletter to arrive the day before the promo kicks off!


Long awaited promo has now arrived especially for you! All of the seed collectors who want to stay on top of their game should get a set for themselves!

All information in this post and on the website are provided strictly for the educational purposes. Seeds are sold/given away solely for souvenir purposes or for storage in case the law may change.

Germination of these seeds is ILLEGAL in UK and most of the countries.

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you say: finally getting back on track with processing the orders

does that mean credit cards will be accepted?

Hi There, yes, we accept debit/credit/international prepaid cards. Please get in touch with our customer service for more information.

The summer promotion is now live up until Saturday 30th May . We do give away free seeds if you you 40.00 GBP=61.3851 USD on seeds or over together with the usual UFOs.

Hi —just a quick note to let you know how
much I appreciate the fine seeds and
companies offered through Attitude.
You folks are great; your prompt service
and kindness are most appreciated; who
can argue either with the wonderful freebies
you offer. Best 2 all of u

is it to late for the summer deal just got home from nights working.

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