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The Attitude Seedbank is more than happy to announce another smashing promo. This time we focused on keeping the sweetness of sunny summer days. As we all know the weather not always works in our favor that is why we offer you our Sweet September Promo. These female beauties will get you through autumn and winter with a smile on your face.

First in the line is Auto Killer Kush by Sweet Sweet. This fast flowering, potent and massive producer of huge aromatic buds is fully covered with thick layer of trichomes. Take a look at her and tell me if you can resist ;)

Auto Killer Kush Sweet Seeds

The second one is Fast Version Black Jack by Sweet Seeds, created in the likeness of original Black Jack but finishing flowering one week earlier. Non-autoflowering producer loaded with full of flavor flowers.

Fast Version Black Jack Sweet Seeds

Third strain of  the promotion is Auto Sweet Trainwreck by Sweet Seeds. This famous in the USA medicinal variety is now available for you as a freebie. It is quickly flowering, full of dense buds filled with sweet aroma and trichomes covering the plant. One quick look at her will dispel your doubts ;)

Auto Sweet Trainwreck Sweet Seeds

We left the best for the end. The lady closing our Sweet September Promo is Fast Version S.A.D by Sweet Seeds. This massive producer of huge buds filled with resin has ultra quick flowering stage.

Fast Version SAD Sweet Seeds

If you are still wondering should you place an order with us, we just gave you four, dripping with flavour, reasons. Bring some low fat sugar into your life ;)  Do not let anyone to put their hands on them before you. Join The Attitude Seedbank during Sweet September Promo. But if somehow these beautiful ladies are not enough for you – we do have a bonus promo. If you spend over £50 on an order with us you will get extra :

1 x DinaFem – Critical Mass CBD 

1 x DinaFem – Strawberry Amnesia

1 x Humboldt Seed Organization – Blue Dream Automatic.

Bonus Promo Blog

See you all at the checkout ;)

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I tried putting money in to your bank but cant do from Australia so then i tried to call u up and pay over the phone but call would not go through so that disnt work either then i sent emails asking if a pre paid visa credit card would work but no reply now i have a 200 dollar visa card i have no use for and i missed the promo that i really wanted to get I use to love this company but no so much anymore think il try another compay next time

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