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Top 10 cannabis strains ever!!!


Top 10 Strains of All Time It hard to do isn’t it, picking your favourite strain of cannabis? There are so many to choose from and it is a total personal choice...

HSO New Strains_B Real_Dedoverde Haze_Auto

Humboldt seed organization new breal strains


NEW STRAINS FROM HUMBOLDT SEED ORGANIZATION UNDER B REAL LINE   We have 2 new fantastic strains hitting our shelves straight from the epicenter of the can...


Shortstuff seeds boutique line


  Shortstuff New ‘Boutique’ Line Shortstuff Seeds are pleased to announce the arrival of their new ‘Boutique Line’. This brand new collection ...

NorStar Genetics at The Attitude Seedbank

Norstar genetics at the attitude seedbank


  NorStar Genetics Seeds | Regular Cannabis Strains at The Attitude Seedbank   [caption id="attachment_5736" align="aligncenter" width="960"] NorS...

Boulder wellness centre


Boulder Wellness Centre offers range of Medicinal marijuana . After conducting some research on Medical Marijuana Dispensaries around Colordao, I came across an e...