Santas favourite cookies


Christmas Cookies!!! Earlier on we posted this meme of Santa confirming his favourite types of cookies were those from Colorado and Washington State… We thou...

How high? stoner music


Cannabis Songs I was just signing along to the radio the other day when I realised the song I was Singing along to was in fact, an ode to cannabis (I can’t even r...

Cannabis to be legalised in italy?


New Cannabis Laws in Italy…Gelato and Pizza are good if you have the munchies!!! The global cannabis industry is taking so many unexpected twists and turns at t...

Colorado is smashing legal marijuana industry


  A while back, we wrote about how the cannabis laws in Colorado were changing and what was going on RE: law reform and cannabis movements (visit one of th...


The attitude seedbank july promotion


It's supposed to be summer here, but it just keeps on raining! However, we will not let that put a dampener on our spitirts and we are still geared up for our July...