Marijuana can help cure heartbreak


  Heartbroken?  Crying into your cornflakes will not help this cause. Listening to Adele and pining for ‘someone like youuuuuu’ will also be a lost ...

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Free misty kush by nirvana seeds


Get ready for your mind to be blown, as Nirvana’s original, fast growing, Indica dominant strain has hit The Attitude Seedbank’s store! Its medium to dark gr...

Big brother is shutting down your facebook pages


  According to George Orwells '1984', Big Brother is watching you. But we all know that right? And we aren't doing anything wrong, right? So why is it that...

Weed legal in the uk?


Are things looking up for the UK's cannabis reform laws? Hopefully the UK will soon be taking up Americas lead when it comes to the UK cannabis reformation law, ...

Medical marijuana in danger – arizona


[caption id="attachment_7609" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Help Save Arizona's MMj Programme[/caption] Arizonas MMJ Programme Could be in Danger!   Som...