Attitude august promotion


Do you know what we love at the Attitude Seedbank? We love giving away first-rate cannabis seeds to all our lovely customers.  Now January seems to have rolled ...

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The attitude seedbank xmas promotion!


Q: Why does everybody like Frosty the Snowman? A: Because he is so cool! Q: Why does everybody like the Attitude Seedbank? A: Because we are the best seedbank...

Kaliman seeds offer – receive cheese #1


Purchase any packs from the Kaliman seeds catalogue on the Attitude Seedbank website and receive one pack of Cheese #1. This offer will run untill further notic...

High times top 10 strains of the year 2011


As 2012 slowly approaches and we start to peer back through the year, wafting away the smoke from the many burning souvenir collections from around the globe. Ju...

Big buddha cheese feminized


Big Buddha Cheese Feminized  IS BACK IN STOCK Big Buddha Cheese Feminized is a unique strain, until now, available as clone form only. Like many cannabis strain...