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New attitude seedbank promotions


New Promos at the Attitude Seedbank As per usual, we have some banging promotions at here at the Attitude Seedbank. Here are two of our new promotions that are live...

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United kingdom cannabis social clubs


  United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs, also known as (UKCSC) are a Non-governmental Organisation (NGO), who are campaigning to change the laws that unfa...


The attitude seedbank birthday march promotion


The Attitude Seedbank Birthday March Promotion (Please note to purchase early to avoid any disappointments as the Attitude Seedbank can terminate a promotion ...


High times medical cannabis cup


HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup The Hightimes Medical Cannabis Cup results are now in for your viewing pleasure, it looked to be a great success especially ...


Dna genetics seeds la chocolat


DNA Genetics Seeds La Chocolat LA Confidential and Chocolope are our two most famous strains. Combining them is probably the most requested cross and most gen...