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New dungeons vault genetics


  Excititng news guys... we have Dungeon Vault Genetics Seeds coming very soon. Dungeons Vault Genetics are a relatively new brand although the breede...

Microsoft is joining the cannabis movement


Microsoft is going green.   Microsoft is jumping into bed with Kind Financial, a cannabis engaged software company. According to its website, Kind Financi...

4/20…stoners holiday turned cult classic


4/20…How the stoners holiday turned cult classic Ahh, it *rolls* around every year – the date where we can all rejoice and sing hymns smoke pot! Now, most of ...

Big brother is shutting down your facebook pages


  According to George Orwells '1984', Big Brother is watching you. But we all know that right? And we aren't doing anything wrong, right? So why is it that...

The wake n bake ritual


  The Best Breakfast Club! Ok, so there are many ways you can wake n bake – the jury is totally out on that one. Some people swear a wake n bake has to ha...