mary jane

Female stoners unite!


We are all about the ladies here at the Attitude Seedbank and we get a little tired of misconceptions about ‘female’ smokers. We believe that cannabis is uni...

The wake n bake ritual


  The Best Breakfast Club! Ok, so there are many ways you can wake n bake – the jury is totally out on that one. Some people swear a wake n bake has to ha...

Obama refutes marijuana supreme court claim


[caption id="attachment_7514" align="aligncenter" width="480"] (Pic: NORML)[/caption] Is Obama on your side? Last week the President of the USA Barack Obama defend...


Dna genetics og l.a affie


DNA Genetics OG L.A Affie Back in December we had the limited edition never before seen L.A Affie Seeds from Dna Genetics with our Attitude Seedbank promtoion...


Auto xtreme dutch passion x dinafem colloboration


Auto Extreme Dutch Passion x Dinafem Collaboration Dutch Passion are pleased to announce a new partnership with DinaFem seeds of Spain.  DinaFem were formed ...