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Prop 64 – good or bad?


Prop 64 You may or may not have heard about prop 64 – the new proposition that is thought to essentially overwrite the existing prop 215. This new California...

Scotland to legalise cannabis?


Well done Scotland! Bravo, Bravo! It seems that we should take a lead from our ‘brothers up North’ in terms of cannabis legalisation.  The Scottish National Par...

Cannabis to be legalised in italy?


New Cannabis Laws in Italy…Gelato and Pizza are good if you have the munchies!!! The global cannabis industry is taking so many unexpected twists and turns at t...

New med-man brand


At long last we have Med-Man Brand hitting our shelves. These much anticipated strains will be arriving soon and to say we are excited about this is an extreme u...

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The attitude seedbank christmas promo!


  Ho Ho Ho! (Can't have too many Ho's can we? It is Christmas after all!) Merry Christmas everybody. Because we hear you have been very good boys and girl...