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Prop 64 – good or bad?


Prop 64 You may or may not have heard about prop 64 – the new proposition that is thought to essentially overwrite the existing prop 215. This new California...

Scotland to legalise cannabis?


Well done Scotland! Bravo, Bravo! It seems that we should take a lead from our ‘brothers up North’ in terms of cannabis legalisation.  The Scottish National Par...

Canadas new cannabis law


  Canadian Law Overhaul In a new law that has passed by the Canadian Parliament, Registered Canadian medical marijuana patients are now allowed to gro...

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Studies prove cannabis can kill cancer


The USA finally Admits that Cannabis can help Destroy Cancer Cells Let’s face it; governments do not like to admit when they are wrong. Politicians do not like to...

Sativex funding cut


    The manufacturer of the UK’s cannabinoid derived drug Sativex has claimed that the drug designed predominantly to aid sufferers of Multiple S...