New cannabinoid – cbc


CBC – The New Kid on the Block. First it was all about the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) then people started to research and discover the medicinal properties ...

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The attitude seedbank christmas promo!


  Ho Ho Ho! (Can't have too many Ho's can we? It is Christmas after all!) Merry Christmas everybody. Because we hear you have been very good boys and girl...

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Medical marijuana dispensaries finally open in il


The Eagle has landed! Medical Marijuana males its grand entrance in Illinois, as dispensaries open their doors for the first time. After an initial projected figu...


Rare dankness | 2014 collection


Rare Dankness | 2014 Collection Rare Dankness is one of our most popular brands at The Attitude Seedbank. Rare Dankness already have made huge leaps within ...


High times medical cannabis cup in san bernardino


This year's CC will be held at the NOS Event Center on Feb. 8-9. B.o.B. and Young Dro will be headlining this year's event with a blockbuster show on Saturday n...