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Black friday promotion


It’s Black Friday Yo!!! Did you know that last few years in the USA, Black Friday has killed 7 people and caused 98 people serious injuries? Meanwhile marijua...

Cannabis arrests have dropped 46%


Number of arrests for cannabis possession falls by half over the last five years! A bit of good news to put smiles on your dials! It looks like the law are ge...

Cannabis health tips


We keep hearing all those boring ‘New Year, New Me’ proverbial spouting’s that people say at the beginning of every New Year. To be honest, we just want to kee...


Attitude sb 420 promotion


(Please note to purchase early to avoid any disappointments as the Attitude Seedbank can terminate a promotion without notice) From 9am Friday April 19th – ...


Alphakronik seeds


  Alphakronik Seeds Cheddarhead, Snowdizzle and Qwad Dawg are the latest strains to be released from AlphaKronik Seeds to be purchased directly from T...