Marijuana can help cure heartbreak


  Heartbroken?  Crying into your cornflakes will not help this cause. Listening to Adele and pining for ‘someone like youuuuuu’ will also be a lost ...

Happy Hour 7 Social Network Graphic

The attitude happy hour #7


    Its that time again folks...Happy Hour #7! We cannot believe how quickly these weeks are flying by and we at the Attitude Seedbank hope you a...

Reeferman seeds love potion 1.1(next generation)


Reeferman Seeds Love Potion 1.1(Next Generation) The next generation of Love Potion has arrived. These are sativa influenced Love Potion that are totally stable, ...

Seedism cheesewreck feminized


Seedism CheeseWreck Feminized  There are a few versions of the (UK) Cheese around, as well as some IBL versions of the infamous Arcata Trainwreck.  Both known f...

Dj short f13


DJ Short F13 is a Holy Grail plant of four-star excellence. Previously unreleased, it is a very desirable product and potential breeder. Dj Short F13 is a mostly sa...