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Promotions low down


Current Promotions this week at the Attitude Seedbank We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best promotions in the industry, so here’s the run down on ...


Attitude halloweed promotion


  If you got no seeds in your neighbourhood who you gona call? (A-S-B!) If it's somethin' weedy an it don't look good Who ya gonna call (A-S-B) I ain't...

New tga subcool genetics strains


  The Attitude Seedbank are extremely pleased to announce that we are now stocking three brand new strains from our beloved Weed Nerds, TGA Genetics (A.K.A...

Best Strain Awards voted by Attitude Seedbank customers

Attitude seedbank best strain awards 2014


[caption id="attachment_5910" align="aligncenter" width="961"] The Attitude Seedbank Best Strain Awards 2014[/caption] We are happy to announce that after a 2 yea...


Tga genetics new varieties


TGA Genetics New varieties We are releasing some brand new strains from TGA Genetics starting 9am August 2nd (UKGMT) in time for our August Promotion. As you ...