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Attitude halloweed promotion


  If you got no seeds in your neighbourhood who you gona call? (A-S-B!) If it's somethin' weedy an it don't look good Who ya gonna call (A-S-B) I ain't...

New garden of green seeds


Garden of Green Seeds Garden of Green Seeds cannabis seeds are soon to be hitting the shelves at the Attitude Seedbank.  Garden of Green Seeds concentrates on br...

The good, the bad and the ugly!! high times covers!


We love the guys over at high times dearly, but sometimes we have to go 'WTF' were you smoking guys? Here is a compilation of what we think are the 4 worst high t...

Cannabis arrests have dropped 46%


Number of arrests for cannabis possession falls by half over the last five years! A bit of good news to put smiles on your dials! It looks like the law are ge...

Big brother is shutting down your facebook pages


  According to George Orwells '1984', Big Brother is watching you. But we all know that right? And we aren't doing anything wrong, right? So why is it that...