TGA Subcool Time Wreck

New strains are always celebrated occasions here at The Attitude Seedbank, but none more so than this. We’ve got a special treat for you from Subcool himself. For a limited time, The Attitude Seed Bank will bring you the new TGA Subcool seeds Time Wreck before anyone else.

Not only are we the first to carry this impressive new strain, but we’re giving it away! For a (very) limited time if you purchase 2x 10 packs of TGA Subcool seeds you’ll receive a 5 pack of Time Wreck for free.

TGA Subcool Time Wreck The Attitude Seed Bank

Time wreck is Subcool’s latest creation, crossing his favorite strain, Vortex with Blood Wreck, the breeding male behind Chernobyl and Qrazy Train. Improving upon the taste of Blood Wreck, the Time Wreck is a potent strain with fruity pungent semi-rotting fruit smells and is combined with the lemon and sandalwood to create a truly unique taste.

You’ll need to set your alarm clocks for this one though, at 5am (gmt) or 12pm (est) Time Wreck is made available on a first come, first served basis. For more information about more promotions, competitions and new strains at The Attitude check out our Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

The Attitude sells seeds for souvenir purposes or for storage in case the law changes. It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in most countries.

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I recently wrote to Subcool a email thinking I would get a response,Well let\’s just say I was VERY wrong I am just getting over Cancer and wanted to know what strain of his would work best of my situation.I know he\’s a busy Man but I heard great thing about him and was thinking of ordering his wares.To my disappointment he never emailed me NOTHING I was very upset over this I heard only the best things of him that\’s what I get for thinking .I thought they where a new school company and answered there customers back a good friend of mine emailed him he got answered and there\’s nothing wrong with him but anyway.I guess I\’ll stop crying over it I need to find another super hero to ask maybe they\’ll want my business HE sure dosen\’t I can see that now

Subcool is a great grower, Ms Subcool says he has been a very naughty boy and he is not coming out. She will not let him out of the basement until he has finnished the next Q-Lady.

She also wants him around at home not Prison. You cannot demand a responce. Try Rick Simpson (RIP)

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