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It hardly seems 5 minutes, but a whole year has passed since The Attitude Seedbank took our last working holiday to Irun, Northern Spain, to attend one of the Europe’s best Cannabis trade shows – ExpoGrow. We packed our sunglasses and headed off for this 3 day extravaganza of all things Marijuana – cannabis fairs, cannabis cups, concerts, informative talks and semiars – there was something for everyone.  This is the 4th year the expo has been held and it continues to get better and better. We can safely say that we had just as much fun as we did last year – if not more!

There were more than 100 stands at this year’s event, whose main sponsor was the highly in-demand Spanish company Dinafem Seeds, whose range include a number of Cannabis Cup winning strains.

Over 500 cannabis industry professionals including fantastic speakers – cannabis activist Charlo Greene, Anne Coppel –  who works as a researcher of CNRS (Scientific Research National Center) and Basque Parliament member Txaro Sarusa, along with guests such as Marc and Jodie Emery, so this year was so informative about cannabis culture.

The music line-up was off the hook with artists such as the proclaimed ‘Reggae Ambassadors’ from Jamaica, Third World, from France Collectif 13, and the reggae songstress all the way from Brazil, Flavia Coelho. It is so sad that we now have to wait another whole year to do it all again and we definitely recommend you guys gets tickets for 2016 – we hope to see you there!

Now for the all-important news – who won what!!! There were five catgeories this year and one overall best seedbank. Of course, we extend our congratulations to all the participants but here are the well deserved winners that really shone through this year -


Best Autoflower Genetics:

Cheesy Auto, Philosopher Seeds

2ND PLACE – Sweet Seeds, Ice Cool

3RD PLACE – Greenhouse Seeds, Sweet Mango

Best sativa:

Sativa Seeds Sterling Haze

Sativa Seeds Sterling Haze

2ND PLACE – Ripper Seeds, Sour Ripper (coming to the Attitude Seedbank soon)

3RD PLACE – Pheno Finder Seeds, Purple Strawberry Bliss S1


Best indica:

Purple Afghan Kush, Dinafem Seeds

2ND PLACE – T.H. Seeds, M.O.B (coming soon to the Attitude Seedbank)

3RD Prize – Reserva Privada, Skywalker Kush


Best solvent extraction (BHO):

Bubblegum, T.H. Seeds

2nd place -  Ripper Seeds & Oil Hunters, Toxic / Breeder Collective (empate), Veganic Tangie Live Resin

3RD PLACE – R-Kiem Seeds

Best Resin:

1st PLACE – Breeder Seeds, Oxus

2nd Prize – House of the Great Gardener – BARB

3RD PLACE – House of the Great Gardener, GG#1

Overall Best Seedbank:

The best seedbank prize went to Sensi Seeds. These cannabis connoisseurs really deserve this award, having been in the industry for more than 30 years and are more recognised than any other seed company. Their cannabis seeds have been awarded more First Prizes and Cannabis Cups than those of any other cannabis seed bank. Congrats guys, you really deserve it! .

sensi seed logo


Not only did these great strains and seedbanks receive awards, Expogrow also gave awards for best trade stand, Seed Bank, paraphernalia, activists and more. The award for best stand went to the lovely guys at one of Amsterdams – Barney’s Farm. Best cultivation product went to Smart Pot – Textile Macetaje, Across International won the  best paraphernalia with their Accuptemp Vacuum Oven, best fertilizer – Bac, the best industrial hemp product was Peta Porta De Gaga Trading, best media went to Cannabis magazine with the award for best publication going to Mama Publishing for “Hydroponics for All” . Moving on to more humanitarian efforts, the awards for the best national and international activists went to  Jaime Prat and August Vitale  respectively.

Winners Gallery

T.H. Seeds

Erik From Nirvana Seeds


Pheno Finders Seeds

Philosopher Seeds

Philosopher Seeds

Franco and Arjan - Greenhouse Seeds

Franco and Arjan – Greenhouse Seeds

Please keep checking our blog as we will have more news on ExpoGrow 2015 very,very soon! To Be Continued…











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