The Attitude June Promo

June Promo

June Promo

The sun is shining and all is good here at the Attitude Seedbank. Now all this weather is making us feel a little bit in the mood for lurrrve and we just want to spread the lurrrve! So, we have arranged a corker of a June promotion and will be giving away a mix of fem, reg and auto seeds during 9 am 1st June until 3 pm June 5th  and all you have to do to receive this offer is spend over £40*

World of Seeds AK X Black Domina (fem)

World of Seeds Medical Collection Afghan Kush X Black Domina is a cross of some top notch Indica genetics – WoS Afghan Kush, known for its great therapeutic value and the density of its resinous buds and Black Domina, a quick flowering hybrid ( and one of the best afghan varieties that has been worked with) and the result is a delight! This strain is perfect for both connoisseurs and beginners and has enough power to be a therapeutic plant and is great for those with insomnia. Resistant to mildew, Afghan Kush X Black Domina aroma is high and highly medicinal.

Exotic Seeds Mango Cream Auto (fem)

Mango Cream (Blueberry x NYCD auto) is an outstanding autoflowering indica strain with a great medium-high production. It produces a sweet and fruity aroma, with citrus touches in most individuals. It performs well indoors and outdoors, being ready to harvest in 9 weeks from germination. Great for relaxing and helping with sleep.

T.H. Seeds Darkstar (reg)

Darkstar (Purple Kush x Mazar I Sharif) is one of the jewels in the TH Seeds crown. With a high potency and massive bud production, Darkstar is very well known for its medical properties and can provide pain relief or appetite stimulation. Thanks to its high calyx to leaf ratio is very easy to manicure and has typical Afghan structure and growing pattern. Its flowers are extremely dense and compact. The leaves are wide and got dark green colour almost blue. This mostly Indica hybrid has strong and almost narcotic effect – not recommended as a day time mood corrector.


Delicious Seeds CBD Jam (fem)

Delicious Seeds CBD Jam is a Marmalate and Carmen cross, and as the name suggests, is variety very high in CBD, up to 13%! This is the CBD variation of Delicious Seeds Marmalate strain, a cross between Critical Mass. Mainly Sativa looking but with strong Indica characteristics, with an Indica looking plant with vital Sativa traits – the famous Lavender – and which they’ve named CBD JAM. CBD JAM is a cross between Marmalate with their Carmen. Definitely one of the plus points of this variety is its delicious taste and aroma with hints of sweet pineapple. Developed exclusively for medicinal use and with ratios of up to 1:2 THC:CBD, this plant has low psychoactive effect therefore is suitable for daytime use.


Serious Seeds Serious Happiness

This amazing cannabis strain has been obtained by crossing two legends: legendary AK-47-mother with famous Warlock-father. This Sativa/Indica Hybrid is an easy to grow plant that is perfect for indoor growing with several side branches not too close together. In flowering each branch grows a very big and dense bud with few leaves. Aroma and flavours range from sweet and fruity to sometimes a bit spicy, with a sugary aftertaste when smoked. Her effect is a long-lasting buzz that combines a nice body-stoned with an incredible head-high.
*Please note this does not include postage and packaging

Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes only or for storage in case the laws in the UK may change and for the conservation of cannabis seeds. We do not condone or encourage the germination of these cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us believe they will use these for anything other than souvenir purposes. Seeds sold by The Attitude Seedbank may not be germinated in countries not legal to do so. WARNING: IT IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE TO GERMINATE CANNABIS SEEDS IN MOST COUNTRIES




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