The Attitude Seedbank Xmas Promotion!

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Q: Why does everybody like Frosty the Snowman? A: Because he is so cool!

Q: Why does everybody like the Attitude Seedbank? A: Because we are the best seedbank in the world and we are giving away ANOTHER 7 free premium cannabis seeds!

OK, we get it, the Christmas jokes are terrible, and like this giveaway – they are not to be laughed at! (OK, I’ll stop with the puns!)  

Alongside the other Christmas promo we have decided to release another set of promotional Christmas seeds from some of the best breeders around to thank you for your custom over the last year! This set of free cannabis seeds are a mix of 5 feminised cannabis seeds and 2 regular. We have loved working alongside these amazing cannabis seed producers to give you lovely lot the best of the best!

All you have to do to get your hands on these goodies is to order between 9am 8th December to 3pm 11th December. All prices are in UK pounds and times are GMT (UK time). Please note the qualifying price does not include postage.

Merry Christmas!  

Holy Grail Kush
DNA Genetics HGK is a spectacular strain, blended from the Cannabis Cup winner Kosher Kush and the multi champion OG #18. This strain is great for new cultivators as well as those with experience. Those with know-how can take her to the limit and will be rewarded with high strength aromatic plants.

Reserva Privada Skywalker Kush
Well known all around the world as a good yielding OG Kush, Skywalker Kush taste is similar to OG Kush but crossing it with Skywalker resulted in increased yields.

Dinafem Strawberry Amnesia
The Sativa dominant Strawberry Amnesia feminized marijuana seeds are the outcome of Original Strawberry Cough and Original Amnesia crossbreeding project. This plant performs great indoors as well as out and can reach medium to tall height.

G13 Labs Cheese
The UK is well know for its cheese strains, and this is no exception. This UK Skunk x Afghani boasts a long lasting heavy euphoria and produces a good yeild, with a good heavy dusting of crystals, and of course that beautiful cheese taste that will send your tatsebuds into a frenzy.

Reserva Privada Tangie (REG)
Tangie is a blend of Clone Only x Crockett’s Selection which grows nice and tall, has a good yield and easily will become your favorite. Tangie has one of the best concentrates and Reserva Privada Tangie has won every single competition which it has been entered in.

Blimburn Seeds OG Kush
This indica-sativa hybrid has been sweeping across California for decades due to its psychoactive potential. producing 24% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and no less than 0.23% CBD (cannabidiol), which makes this a great choice for medical cannabis patients.











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