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The Attitude has oepend up a brand new webiste…The Attitude Smoking Lounge.  The smoking lounge is home to over 3000 accessories which all of which will ensure you have the smoke break you deserve. From rolling papers  to flavoured drops and stash jars, the smoking lounge has it all.

We are extremely happy to be working with some of the best brands in the business such as Incredibowl,  420 Scince, Raw Rolling Papers and Spacecase grinders and have made Attitude Smoking Lounge the one stop shop for all your smoking needs.

Here are just a few of the big brand items we are stocking at ASL…

Incredibowl i420 Smoking Sytem

i420 Smoking System Black

Available in a range of colours, this smoking system has been engineered to produce smoother, cooler, easier hits. The patented filtration method filters out detrimental tars which allows only the good stuff to pass through. Availbale in a range of colours, the i420 has an indestructible design, simple cleaning, and lifetime guarantee you will understand why the incredibowl is one of the most highly revered smoking accessories on the today’s market.

myCBD 10% CBD Oil Dietary Supplement

10% CBD Oil Dietary Supplement

This 10% CBD Oil is hemp extract and organic sunflower oil blend. Each 10 ml bottle contains a whopping 1000 mg of CBD (cannabidiol)!!! CBD Oil is perfect for CBD users looking to boost the immune system. It is also known for its calming and general well-being effect (no psychoactive effect). Thanks to the analytical tests performed by liquid chromatography this oil contains no pesticides, heavy metals or microorganisms.
UV Concentrate Jars 420 Design420 produce a range of stash jars to suit your every need. From wax and concentrate jars, UV light protecting jars, clear jars, soft top pop jars, dropper bottle, UV dropper bottles and latch up jars, they produce soemthing for everyone, and each jar comes with a different funked-up design.
Pure, Organic and 100% Legal, these terps are not cut or mixed with anything nasty like PG, VG, Glycerol or any cheap alternatives. They come in a huge range of flavours and have been formulated Sby PS scientists in the USA.
Classic 1 1/4 300s Creaseless Rolling Papers

RAW papers are natural, pure and light. Crafted from a blend of unbleached hemp paper and natural gum fibers that are all additive free, these papers are a translucent natural light brown colour and have a unique RAW watermark, minimizing uneven burning.


PuffCo +

Puffco +

This award-winning vaporizer has won over 6 awards for the Best Vaporizer and is the first ever pocket nail! The Puffco+ features a coil-free chamber which is designed to function just like a ceramic nail and just like your ceramic nail the plus is designed to deliver an entire dose all at once.

Product Features:
The Puffco Plus comes complete with a full Plus, an extra capped Plus chamber, USB SuperCharger, instruction manual, and cotton swabs.
Easy Cleaning – With the coil-free all ceramic bowl, cleaning has never been easier.

Space Case Grinders

Aluminium Crystal Catcher

The Original Space Case has a reputation for being one of the best herb grinders in the world. They have a range of grinders to suit your every need, including crystal catchers, pollen presses and magnetic grainders. (Magnetic grinders pictured) Spce case grinders have magnetic lids and are functional and extremely durable. This grinder is made from Aircraft grade Aluminium and is CNC machined to the highest tolerances. The Space Case Crystal Catcher is one step further than the grinder – it comes with an added mesh screen. The First of its kind and now with a magnetic closure lid. Razor Sharp teeth will shred your herbs and the crystals will fall through to the middle mesh compartment – rub them on the mesh screen or shake and they will fall through to the bottom compartment. Easy and fast you will be left with fine goodness, the results will impress you.
B4CC Humidor Storage Box Solution Large

The Fum box is a solid okume wood desktop that has a hermetic seal and an interior humidity circulation system to keep your goods in tip top condition.  The Fum box comes in 3 colours – Okume, Black and Green and comes in large, med and pocket sized.

Thorinder Grinder

Thorinder 4 Part Grinder Grey

After Grow® Teeth-Tec™ provides the best teeth shape combination and function which supports to grind the herb in the best way as well as recovering all the resin detached during the grinding process.The hefty magnetic closure helps to protecting your herb in your THORINDER by using the big magnet with stronger power.
TIt has a strong, highly stretchable Scraper from AFTER GROW® just like the hammer of Thor. Thorinder grinder gets the weapon.
It comes with a deluxe gift box which makes THORINDER™ better than ever. Available in 5 colours – Blue, Green, silver, Green and Grey.

PUK Six Shooter Pipe

Six Shooter Pipe Clear Blue


The PUK Glass Pipe is a six-chamber, round, high quality glass pipe. This puck-shaped pipe has 6 bowls (5 grams capacity) in a truly internal and controlled dosing container. There will be enough material in a fully loaded PUK pipe for even the most copious smokers to never need to carry a bag or another container. PUK patent protected internal design and mechanisms make this pipe a truly unique pipe that will impress everyone.


So there you haver it folks, a short introduction to the products available at the Attitude Smoking Lounge!






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