The Attitude have now released The Attitude TV with loads of great Video’s straight from the breeders themselves, Be sure to keep logging on as we are adding new video’s ever day. All the Video’s were filmed in Amsterdam, we spent hours¬†interviewing all the top breeders about their latest strains, new development.¬† It’s great way to get to know the breeders and see how they came up with their strains.



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The Video’s are awsome look forwrd to seeing more

nice. very good addition to the site. its good to see what your purchasing before you buy. keep up the good work

peace bigjessie

that was nice i cant wait for more when you can hear and see the plant discription and gens it makes it nice for me how about grow tips i will keep checking in

Awesome addition to the site, i am loving seeing video from different seed banks about different strains. keep it up, cant wait to see more…

yes this is good stuff to watch good info on their strains.

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