The BIGGEST Attitude Promo EVER

Attitude Seed Bank’s  BIGGEST Attitude Promo EVER is happening the first weekend in March…( from 10am (UKGMT) 4th March3pm (UKGMT) 7th March )

Yes this is the moment you have all been waiting for … Attitude Seed Bank Present its 4TH Birthday giveaway. We wish to thank all you guys for your custom and we would love it if you joined in the celebrations with us, so we have some awesome giveaways for you -

When you spend OVER £30 on SEEDS, we will GIVE you:


1 X BRAND NEW G13 LABS SEEDS (TBA)Plus you will still receive the normal U.F.O’s on top of this…BUT THIS IS NOT EVERYTHING…

 1 lucky customer will win a paid trip to Amsterdam, paid flights, paid hotel etc.

And Every order will receive a free packet of rolling papers.

We will have a special birthday page, where you will be able to pick one free gift ranging from Attitude Tshirts, DNA clothing, Tins, lighters, Bags, etc etc. This will be first come first served.

So the potential to grab tons of freebies is HUGE, for 10% off your order use voucher code (420) at the checkout. 

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Do you get all of them seeds for free :0 ?

Im in, Ill will be waiting for the 7th to place my order, even if I didnt need to order I would just to get all the free stuff and the chance for a trip, Im so In!

That is truly awesome guys. I was planning on buying a pack of tga subcool plush berry as my first order through your company. I live in the states so would I still have the oppurtunity to win some of these freebies if I place an order through the internet on March 4th.

Sorry for any misspelled words I’m posting this on a blackberry

Can I mail in my order? What do I put on the fourm? Can I use the voucher code 420?

Are you able to ship to the US? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Best promo ever!!!!

hey, my birthday is march 1,,,all the best,or #1 things were born in march,,thats why i have such a good ATTITUDE,,,,,YOU GUYS ARE # 1,,KEEP IT UP,,,,,,SPENCE

I freaking love this Seed Bank!!! I will always recommend Attitude and Cannot wait to get my items and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Dude i love this place with deals like this you cant beat it anywhere. The seeds are great and produce some of the best smoke i have ever had. customer for life. keep it up attitude.

Yeah this is a big one, and gad they brought the dna r.p. and mosca seeds promos back in time ( though mosca changed from buy one pack, now have to buy 2,) so i skipped that one.

also forgot to add gift before checkout, but think there out of my size xl anyways. i have been wanting an attitude (fist wings) shirt for awhile.

thanks guys keep em’ coming.

Happy birthday i wish u the best guys thanks y sigan adelante.

I missed the 10% off promo and free item. Damnit!
As long as i win the trip to amsterdam, its all good!

once again an outstanding offer well done atittude…Happy Birthday

this promo is awesome glad i put my order in when will you be announcing hte g13 lab new strain i need to know what it is asap !! all the bday gifts were gone soo i think i should win the trip to amsterdam hahaha

thanks guys

happy bday!!!

Ahh! I missed it by one day! And I was just about to put in a new order…

8 free seeds is nothing to shake a Thai stick at. Great promo. My favorite since Quadruple Thunder.

I sneaked in for the deal just in time! This is a great deal/steal. I wonder how Attitude will top itself next year…

You guys have done a stellar job of moving the mass amount of orders thru the system. If only the USPS had the work ethic and desire to see a job thru till the end in as quick a fashion

Great promotion guys my seeds arrived this morning and i couldnt be happier with my purchase and i seem to of ended up with a Blue widow UFO instead of the white widow which is a nice suprise :)

thanks attittude

I’m not sure how much money that is in U.S.A. dollars but can you enter more than once and do each or my orders quallify as separate or as one entry ? Thank you , who don’t like free ? Sincerely your loyal costomer, Gary A. S.

Im so excited this is the most freebies ive seen my birthday is on the 7th so i agree with george…thx

Awesome promo.Man I just have to give it up to the Attitude.Fast ,discreet service and a guarantee shipping that put’s you at ease ,especially after dealing with a couple other seedbanks.
If you have any question’s or concern’s they respond in most case’s within 24 hrs.

interested in promo, sign me up for mailing list please

Great promo, Ive never been let down by the Attitudes awesome service, communication, and genetics. I placed four orders that took no more than 12 days shipping to the southern USA. Tons of freebies. I’ll be placing other orders soon. AAA! Very pleased, thanks again.

nothing to cry about other than missin my 420 voucher code input . Third order, all have been good except Barneys Farm Alcapulco Gold seeds , appeared small, whitish , immature . Anyone else ?

So thank you !!!! I received all the free seeds !! it’s incredible !! Cheers from France

One of the best promos but then again all of the attitude seed bank promos have been killer. Keep it up!

Happy B-DAY as well (belated of course lol)

Don – ASBR

Im placing my second order just 5 days after my first, it was so impressive. Every seed popped in 24hrs, all were perfect seeds, no small, not viable looking ones,just perfect.
all freebies, and a generous amount too boot, were quality, at least 3 or4 were 5 stars(5 leaf rating), who gives that away? Just you guys, cause you f**king rock. Thats how to get customers, and keep them forever, and they tell their friends, etc.
Let me get back to fillin my basket, Keep up the killer work you guys do!!!

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