The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!! High Times Covers!

We love the guys over at high times dearly, but sometimes we have to go ‘WTF’ were you smoking guys?

Here is a compilation of what we think are the 4 worst high times covers!



Guys…Erm what on earth does this have to do with marijuana? Cows eat grass, get high on milk???

Sometimes even Jagger doesn’t have the moves like Jagger…There are no words for this cover!!! No words at all!


Erm…Where’s the weed?


Coming over all Irvine Welsh a la Trainspotting!


And as with all things, you gotta take the bad with the good, and they have fortunately have some pretty gosh darn awesome covers too! Here are a handful of our favourites!

Of course you have to have a bit of Cheech and Chong action!

Cheech and Chong – So bad it’s good!

Simple but Significant




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