The Wake n Bake Ritual

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The Best Breakfast Club!

Ok, so there are many ways you can wake n bake – the jury is totally out on that one. Some people swear a wake n bake has to happen as soon as your little peepers are open. Some people insist you have to have a shower first…hell, some people are adamant that you have to toke in the shower…At the end of the day, its all about personal opinion, but here are some excellent tips for a successful wake n bake!

(*Please note: A successful wake n bake may or may not result in a productive day!)

1.Wake up…obviously…roll over, take your pre rolled joint off the nightstand and wake n bake bed style…Almost the same as breakfast in bed – the breakfast of champions!

3. OK, so after you are up and showered, head down to the kitchen and enjoy two bowls…one for your Frosties and one for your frosty nugs! They’re both ggggrrrreatttttttttttttttt!

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2. Try getting out of bed for this one…Once you are out of your big-ass cosy bed, take your pre rolled joint off the night stand, proceed to the bathroom and get in the shower. That’s right – under the shower, stick your head out and spark up! Nothing beats a warm relaxing shower, with a warm…relaxing…joint! A plus point to this one as it will kill the smoky smell if you gotta be somewhere smoke free! (Although some people may suggest that a shower kills the buzz…Its totally personal)

4. So now you are up and at ‘em, you’ve had your breakfast and you may (or may not be dressed). Go to your favourite room in the house, sit tight and light a phatty…savour each and every inhale! Hmmm! The day is going good right? We also suggest that you should still be in your PJ’s! (we LOVE this cozy space!)

5. Listen to your favourite music whilst getting ready and getting high. It will put you in a super good mood for the day – you’ll be swinging around lamp posts like Mary Poppins (or Mary Jane!) in no time!

6. Don’t be late…Seriously…It will ruin your buzz and your day if you partake in a successful wake ‘n’ bake only to realise you are running late!

7. Don’t fall back asleep!!! This one ties in with number 5! If you are one of those who likes to smoke as soon as your eyes are open, don’t get so chill that you fall back asleep…unless it’s the weekend then go right ahead!

8. Remember the eye drops!

9. After you have done one or all of the above, don’t forget to brush those teeth!


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