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Blog update: The competition is now closed! The winning entry is by Shawn: “The Attitude is the next 2012 president of the United States. I’d love to campaign and vote for it, and eat it for breakfast.” Well done to everyone, keep your eyes peeled for the next competition!

It’s competition time again, today we’re giving you the chance to win a pack of G13 Labs Auto AK feminized to tie in with the October promotion which has just gone live.

To enter this competition all you have to do is post the following statement in a comment below, filling in the blanks:

“The Attitude is the ______________! I’d love to ______________ and ____________ it, an then eat it for breakfast.”

Remember try to keep it clean (ish) and don’t mention germination, growing or anything that’s likely to get us into trouble – all entries will be moderated before posting, so we’ll know!

You’ve got until next Friday (14th) to enter, so get to it. We’ll pick the winner and then organize shipping out your prize to you. REMEMBER: when you enter your email address into the comment box use the address which you can be contacted on – this will be used if you’ve won!


Comments (309)

“The Attitude is the absolute finest! I’d love to touch and feel it, an then eat it for breakfast.”

“The Attitude is the ABSOLUTE FINEST! I’d love to ROCK IT and ROLL IT, an then eat it for breakfast.”

The Attitude is best little bunny rabbit. i will hug it and kiss it and name it George. then have it for breakfast. :)

“The Attitude is the ___shizzle___________! I’d love to _______inhizzle_______ and ______exhizzle______ it, an then eat it for breakfast.”

Competition is now closed!

with 1 won

Who is the winner?

The blog is updated with the winning details – the winner has already been contacted.

“The Attitude is the BEST! I’d love to grow and harvest it, an then eat it for breakfast.”

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