When you spend over £35 on seeds from 9am December 7th – 3pm December 10th at the Attitude Seedbank receive these 10 free seeds from 5 breeders including 3 unreleased strains!

Delta9 Labs – Sativa mix (5 reg)
TH Seeds – Critical Hog (1 fem)
Cali Connection – Boss Hog (2 reg)
Dinafem – Auto White Widow (1 fem)
G 13 Labs – Gigabud (1 fem)



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Really disappointed by this promo. Most of the freebies I would just throw away. I wouldn’t even waste the grow space. The Regular UFO’s have hardly changed since the new site. You guys have great prices, and great customer service, I just wish you would have some of the promotions that brought me to the site.

This is the worst promotion ever!!!!!!

THANK YOU,THANK YOU,THANK YOU ATTITUDE,You 100% RULE The roost when it comes to ordering seeds from me and my mates.GAME ON…

Shit IM getting EXCITED…Not onl Xmas But an amazing deal from the best seed co around ATTITUDE.NO DOUBT,The DOGS BOLLO*KS all round.NEVER,I REPEAT NEVER have Attitude let me down,as with the seeds ive ordered.They have got it right evry time and thats around 5-6 times.You gotta admit they DO A REALLY IMPORTANT JOB i.e getting the right seeds to the right people the world over and a mistake CAN be made there only human,well some may say Super humans ha ha.Anyway Again thank you,Yours Sincerely cheesemonster

This will be very nice..

Your are the best that I have found.
Thank you for the good times.

i need to know early adout promotions by the time i get them its to damn late really want ur seeds.

marijuana love forever

Excellent. Can’t get better. No way to improve. Way to go!! Love the attitude!!

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