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Flying Dutchmen Titans Haze Cannabis Seeds

The characteristics of this almost pure sativa F1 hybrid are indeed titanic as it combines the genes of two of the most famous cannabis strains - Skunk #1 and Haze Original - the two titans which have been using to create new cannabis strains for years and years. Titan's Haze produces very strong marijuana with a typical Skunk smell and Haze taste and a clear headed energetic sativa buzz. Titans Haze cannabis seeds are extremely homogenous and are perfectly adapted for all growing methods so can be recommended for beginners. She shows great results in soil, pots and hydroponics setups; indoors and/or outdoors and her cannabis seeds are typically sativa maturing, needing a bit more time (around 90 days) to develop. Plants of this cannabis produce robust stems and branches to support her superior yields and short internode gaps explode into dense, rounded bud-clusters which merge into huge, heavy colas by harvest time. She produces a sweet pungent skunk smell and taste with a stunning combination of stone and high and several different types of buds can appear on this marijuana variety, ranging from red, hairy buds with small leaflets to large leaflets with copious resin glands. Smoking Flying Dutchmens Titans Haze is very satisfying, her classic hash aroma and taste reminds marijuana smokers of good old school days. It won't lock you on a couch, but gives an energy boost. This marijuana has no hangover effect and is a perfect party treat. 

Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes or for storage and preservation of genetics in case the laws may change. We do not condone or encourage the germination of cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us to believe they intend to use our products in an unlawful way.

  • Genetics: Skunk #1 x Original Haze
  • Sex: Regular
  • Flowering: Photoperiod
  • Type: Indica/Sativa
  • Flowering Time: 90 days
  • Height: Medium
  • Area: Indoor & Outdoor