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Soma Seeds

Soma Seeds

Back in 1967, Soma, the founder of Soma Seeds was working at IBM as a mail clerk on Madison Avenue in NYC. Another employee helped him to get some Marijuana rolled up in joints and right after work, he walked down to the East River dressed in his three-piece suit and tie and lit up his first joint. He instantly fell in love with the calm feeling it brought to his whole being. He was 18 years old. In the 45 years that passed since his first joint he has found cannabis to be one of the most positive forces in his life. He started growing cannabis in 1971 in southern Vermont and his naturally led to him growing cannabis in an organic eco-friendly manner. From that point on, he has been finding different ways to make his thumbs greener and produce the best weed seeds around.  Soma, now based in Amsterdam, has since become an authority in biologically friendly marijuana cultivation process. He breeds feminized, regular and auto flowering cannabis seeds and these marijuana seeds are for sale on the Attitude Seedbank website.
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