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Cropi Canna Seeds

Cropi Canna Seeds

There's nothing's fruitier than authentic Cropi Canna Seeds! In fact they are so tart & tangy that they practically pop with citrus goodness and you'd have to go straight to the grove to get more fruit flavour & aroma than these potent regular and feminised cannabis seeds have to offer. With the onset of stronger and stronger strains and breeders not knowing where to draw the line, Cropi-Canna Seeds sought to be different, deciding to do the opposite and create strains like they used to be: light, fresh, juicy but most importantly, fruity. Coaxing out raspberries, strawberries, bananas and even pineapple elements and mixing them in with the classic Orange and Grapefruit strains of the 1980s, fruity Feminized Cropi-Canna Seeds pride themselves on their high quality and old school characteristics. 
Each of these premium cannabis seeds strains are available at the Attitude Seedbank to buy.
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