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Trichome Jungle Seeds

Trichome Jungle Seeds

Inspired by the lack of variety within the seed market and determined to create something markedly improved, Trichome Jungle Seeds began tinkering with breeding his own varieties in 2006. 
By 2008, public demand for his strains was so high, it enticed him to form Trichome Jungle Seeds.
Formed on the ethos of consistently creating high quality cultivars, he’s made it his aim to level up the standard of breeding terps - Trichome Jungle has some seriously high standards for himself and this carries through to his work.
With his dedicated team of worldwide testers, he can ensure that each new release goes through thorough rigorous testing for quality, consistency, breeding true to their name and lineage, but most importantly bursting with trichomess & terps! 
Trichome Jungle Seeds won’t release a new strain until they’re 100% happy with the results, This way they know you’ll be happy too and you’ll certainly find a keeper in every packet of Trichome Jungle Seeds….

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