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Relentless Genetics

Relentless Genetics

Relentless Genetics is a renowned seed bank that specializes in creating premium cannabis cultivars with unique and potent genetics.Their strains are highly sought after by cannabis enthusiasts and growers alike for their exceptional quality, reliability, and consistency. One of the hallmarks of Relentless Genetics strains is their relentless pursuit of excellence. They work tirelessly to create new and exciting strains that push the boundaries of what is possible with cannabis genetics.

Relentless Genetics comprises a close-knit team of cannabis cultivators hailing from the southern United States, boasting decades of expertise in indoor cultivation and selective breeding. Initially honing their craft in clandestine gardens down south, they later made the move to the Colorado mountains. The company's namesake, "Relentless," earned his title on forums for his unwavering commitment to producing top-tier cannabis flowers. Back in the late 90s, during a time when strains were closely guarded, Relentless amassed an impressive collection of rare and elite clone-only varieties. Unsatisfied with the seeds available at the time, his curiosity in genetic experimentation led him to develop his own strains. Today, Relentless Genetics is renowned for its world-class strains like Cherry Cookies, Rozay, Trop Cherry, Queen of the South, Frozay and more.

Relentless has garnered acclaim for producing genetics that not only boast potency but also exhibit elusive flavor terpenoids—a feat easier said than done. They take pride in going the extra mile, sifting through hundreds of seeds to select only those with positive traits while eliminating undesirable genotypes. Although their large phenotype hunts are labor-intensive and costly, the Relentless brand thrives on discovering outliers. They specialize in identifying these unique genetic variations and relentlessly strive to unlock their hidden "magic."  Relentless Genetics seeds and cuts are often used by many other breeders from all over the world.

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