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Afghan Selection Seeds

Afghan Selection Seeds

Afghan Selection - good quality regular seeds with all the great traits that make them wanted all over the world. The special characteristics of these genetics are unquestionably the smell, flavour and quality of the end product. The Afghan Selection is formed of two hashish-in and local aficionados with many years of experience. They put together some of the most amazing collections of Afghan landraces for everyone to enjoy and experience. The Afghan gene pool is one of the best-defined aromas in the world. Here you'll find citrus, grapefruit, diesel, earthy, pistachios, skunk and Mango. The colours of their landraces are magnificent with a wide range of tones. The terpene profile and effect of landraces are very "clean" and strong and long-lasting. Those popular strains are now available to purchase online at the Attitude Seedbank UK.
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