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LIT Farms Seeds

LIT Farms Seeds

LIT Farms (Lost in Translation) team are the pioneers in the cannabis industry across generations, dedicated to preserving the artistic essence of cannabis and ensuring it remains true to its roots. With a wealth of traditional knowledge passed down through the years, LIT Farms seeds and flowers embody the rich legacy of California's growers and breeders. Their commitment to innovation drives them to craft vibrant strains that tantalize the palate. Their mission is to introduce distinctive, terpene-rich flavors that enlighten the mind, body, and spirit. Stemming from the belief that greatness can arise from humble beginnings, LIT Farms seeds have spread to every corner of the globe, reaching  numerous countries in different continents.

The Lit Farms Seeds team is excited to share new experiences with you and your loved ones, extending their family to yours. Let's get lost together!

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