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Feminized Cannabis Seeds
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Royal Queen Seeds Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds 

Royal Queen Seeds Ice seeds have ancestors of four of the most famous old good marijuana strains: Afghani, Skunk, Northern Lights and Shiva. With Ice, cannabis breeders, once again, succeeded to bring quality and quantity together. Their success hasn't been left without attention - Ice is a winner of the 1998 Cannabis Cup. Truly excellent growth of healthy plants, resistance to diseases and pets and strong hashish effect have always been the best Afghani qualities and now are taken over by Ice marijuana. Good old Skunk is one of the most consistently performing true breeding marijuana strains in the world. Her seeds passed these qualities to a new favourite in the cannabis market - Royal Queen's Ice. Northern Light cannabis seeds have been favourite amongst marijuana fans for years for her easy growing characteristics and great narcotic values. Nearly all promising modern indoor cannabis strains contain NL genes. Ice feminized is no exception. High flower to leaf ratio, compact buds, good yields and exceptional resin production are NL characteristics passed to Ice. As a typical indica, genes of Shiva marijuana give Ice a quality to remain a manageable size regardless where she grows, indoors or outdoor. They also make Ice a great yielder with large buds covered in THC glands. Ice marijuana feminized seeds came up as a long awaited surprise. Having all of the above described abilities, she became highly adapted to outdoor growing, fantastic for gardens where smell is an unfavourable factor. Mostly indica, Ice feminized delivers the finest qualities expected from that variety - a middle sized plant with a voracious stone and minimal smell. Yet, this lady became one of the strongest marijuana varieties in the world. The flowering time is quite good, just 8-9 weeks, and large flowers turning into chunky nuggets in just 45 days can be expected after a short maturing period. Harvesting when grown outdoors is September-October.  Ice flowers are richly covered in trychromes with a dense consistency usually along a main stem and a high flower to leaf ratio. Fantastic for hydro applications as well as soil cultivation. Royal Queen's Ice feminized seeds are highly resistant to mould and mushroom. Marijuana smokers describe Ice as musky and sweet, heavy and stoned, a real knock-out.  

Genetics: Afghan x Northern Light x Skunk

Flowering Time: 56 - 70 Days
Sex: Feminized
Type: 10% Sativa / 90% Indica 
Area: Indoor and Outdoor 
Height Indoor: 80 - 120cm
Height Outdoor: 150 - 200cm
THC: 18%
CBD: Low

Please Note: This content is for informational and educational use only. The Attitude Seed bank sells all seeds strictly for souvenir purposes or for storage and preservation of genetics in case the laws may change. We do not condone or encourage the germination of cannabis seeds and we will refuse a sale to anyone who leads us to believe they intend to use our products in an unlawful way.

  • Genetics: Afghan x Northern Light x Skunk
  • Sex: Feminized
  • Flowering: Photoperiod
  • Type: Mostly Indica
  • Flowering Time: 56 - 70 days
  • Height: Short to Medium
  • Area: Indoor & Outdoor
  • THC: 18.00%